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2011 Campaign Executions

Billboard    Print/Outdoor   Coasters    Mirror Clings and Door Hangers    Other Executions


Will appear in Dinkytown from mid-September 2011 to November 2011.
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Displayed on bus shelters around the campus area and as posters in University Residence Halls and Student Unions. The posters will also be distributed to bars, restaurants, and apartment buildings in the area.

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Provided to local bars and restaurants.
  black coaster green coaster  
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Mirror Clings and Door Hangers:

Will be placed in bathrooms (mirror clings) and dorm rooms (door hangers) in University Residence Halls.
mirror cling mirror cling
door hanger
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Other Executions:

• The Minnesota Daily: Display Advertising, Distribution Racks, Beer & Bar Guide
• Facebook: Trivia Wednesday
• Student Union & Activities: Movie Previews at Coffman Union & St. Paul Student Center
• Campus Pizza Giveaway Card Promotion