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The Other Hangover Campaign 2011

The Other Hangover continues to be a student-driven campaign designed to combat high-risk drinking on the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities campus but has expanded to include three other schools; Augsburg College, Hamline University, and Macalester College. This campaign targets at-risk drinkers. Students drinking in large quantities are responsible for most of the negative consequences on campus. These at-risk drinkers are likely to put themselves, their friends, and the greater community at risk.

The Campaign Objectives are:

  1. Increase awareness of the negative social and reputational effects of overconsumption.

  2. Generate discussion of the negative effects binge drinking can have. We want students to actively discuss The Other Hangover.

  3. Change attitudes surrounding binge-drinking behaviors. The campaign is funded by The Century Council. http://www.centurycouncil.org/


The Other Hangover is a student-driven campaign designed to combat high-risk drinking on the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities campus. The campaign, which was produced by students in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC), was originally created for the 2009 National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC). The University of Minnesota was among the top teams in the competition and one of four universities nationwide that won a grant to implement the anti-binge drinking campaign on campus.

The Campaign

Alcohol overconsumption is a serious health and safety issue plaguing college campuses nationwide. This type of heavy drinking is associated with alcohol poisoning, suicide, physical injuries, and a host of other consequences. Despite significant efforts to reduce the problem, including various public health campaigns, many students dismiss the risks and continue to make binge drinking a major aspect of their college experience. In 2009, students participating in NSAC were charged with developing an anti-binge drinking campaign that would finally alter beliefs about alcohol overconsumption.

The student-led team spent nine months formulating the positioning, strategy, and execution elements of the campaign. Research conducted by the team showed that 75% of college students believe that when they overconsume their behavior has negative social consequences, like damaging a friendship, relationship, or image. This insight led to a compelling creative message strategy:

“Overconsumption leads to regrettable behavior that puts your reputation at risk.”

The University’s NSAC team branded these social consequences of overconsumption by creating The Other Hangover campaign. The Other Hangover represents the regrettable social aftereffects of overconsumption, such as embarrassment, guilt, or humiliation. The campaign highlights the negative consequences of high-risk drinking on students’ reputation, friendships, and self-image by showcasing familiar, regrettable behavior that results in The Other Hangover

The 2010 Launch Team

Graduate instructor and project advisor Nathan Gilkerson and graduate student and project co-advisor Michelle Gross provided leadership to the creative development, implementation, and evaluation of the 2010 campaign, which ran September 9—December 15, 2010.

The 2010 Other Hangover Launch Team are:

Rachel Armstrong, Lauren Fink, Hope Horstmann, Daniel Lans, Laura Rask, Fiona Severson
Zach Stern, and James Wakely.

For a copy of the strategies and evaluation, see their final report.

Evaluation from 2010 campaign at U of M Twin Cities campus:

  • 81% agree The Other Hangover message is more relatable than other “drink responsibly” ads.

  • 81% agree situations portrayed in The Other Hangover ads are more believable than other "drink responsibly" messages.

  • 77% said they like The Other Hangover more than other “drink responsibly” campaigns.

  • The Other Hangover sparked conversation—54.8% of students talked about the campaign with their friends.